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Tehran to create police station to help foreign tourists and guide them if they face any trouble while in Iran

Authorities in Tehran have announced the creation of a special police station which will be designated to help foreign tourists. 

Deputy at the tourism affairs office of Tehran Ali Rafee said that a special police station will be set up to help foreign tourists. This was discussed during the tenth meeting of the commission on tourism and its development in Tehran, according to ISNA news agency.
The meeting was attended by the representatives of the city administration responsible for security, law and order. Ali Rafee further said that the special police station will become a center, which will cater to foreign tourists and guide them if they face any trouble while visiting Iran.

According to Rafee, at this stage the project has already been approved and soon the city council with support of the Chief of the Organization Department for cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism of Iran and the Security Department and Law Enforcement will choose the most suitable place to build the site.


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