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Isfahan Witness 400% Rise in Foreign Tourist Arrivals

Isfahan —In the Government of Prudence and Hope, we were witness of 400% increase in foreign tourism “During the past three years and since the current government took pace, foreign tourists visiting Isfahan province has grown 400 percent, said the deputy head of Isfahan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department.

“In 2013, the number of foreign tourists visiting Isfahan was 65,000, but the figure raised to 248,000 in 2014 that shows a 400 percent increase”, Yar Mohammadian in a news conference asserted on Saturday.“The figure has grown substantially rather to the same period of the last year”, he announced. He also added that 69,380 foreign tourists traveled to Isfahan during the first four month of this year and added.

“In the Government of Prudence and Hope, by adopting rational policies we can eradicate Islamophobia and Iranophobia to rise the number of foreign tourists visiting Isfahan”, Yar Mohammadian noted.He said that the country’s foreign policy played a positive role in the growth of the number of tourists in the last three years.

“Some rules for services to tourism enterprises and developing the tourism industry are cumbersome and are in need of reviewing and reforming,” Yar Mohammadian stated.“Due to cumbersome bureaucracy, only one exemplary tourism site has managed to obtain a license”, he continued.

“The private sector has spent between 50 and 200 billion rials to establish the six exemplary tourism sties of the province, and because the tourism industry is a most important issue in the province, we must provide services to the private sectors to build and infrastructure unique tourism areas”, Yar Mohammadian asserted.“We have suggested Isfahan’s Governor General to form a tourism association and fortunately he accepted”, he said.

Yar- Mohammadian considered that the formation of tourism association headed by one of the Governor General’s Deputies in the province is the best way to resolve the problems of tourism industry and promote it in Isfahan.Isfahan has not attained this goal, although World Tourism Organization has chosen the motto ‘Tourism for All, All for Tourism’ for this year, he said.

He added that we could not yet provide tourism facilities for all in the society; for instance, there are no welfare and recreational facilities for the disabled in Isfahan.

On the other hand, we have not yet achieve the motto “Tourism for All”, because many of tourism enterprises insist on their own special rules.

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