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Iran aviation remains greatest untapped market opportunity, 22% aviation traffic growth 2016

Iran achieved traffic growth of 22% over the first five months of 2016, according to the Iran Civil Aviation Organisation, and the rate of development is projected to go higher as Iran’s aviation sector unleashes its pent-up demand.

The CAPA Summit showed that the future for Iranian aviation is undoubtedly bright.

The country is one of the world’s historical trade and travel crossroads and its aviation market has been stunted for decades. It has a young, educated and hungry-to-travel population of close to 80 million. As such, Iran remains one of aviation’s great untapped opportunities.

As the sanctions continue to come down, and relationships are built and expanded on, the growth that Iran desires will come. The path has not been as smooth as hoped, and issues such as access to certain international travel markets, finance, and western-manufactured goods remain difficult sticking points. However, the issue of the first OFAC licences on 21-Sep-2016 for some of the Airbus and Boeing aircraft orders was a very important and positive milestone.

There is nothing here that is insoluble, though. The historic JCPOA agreement, as well as the major new aircraft deals and route additions, show that the major hurdles can be overcome. There is willingness from both sides to engage with each other.

What is required now is a little patience and perspective to help commercial aviation in Iran take its next step.

source: centre for aviation

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