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First cruise ship enters Iran Kish island waters

The cruise liner dubbed “Sunny” is designed to render services to tourists and boom marine tourism on Kish Island, in the Persian Gulf waters.

The ocean-going passenger vessel would be employed for holding safe trip inside the country and would transport passengers form Kish island to in the Persian Gulf island of Qeshm and other ports including southern port of Bandar Abbas.

The seven-storey ship which is 176 meters long and 23 meters wide, has 130 rooms and 417 beds.

The cruise liner is also ideal for four to seven-day short trips.

Due to its free trade zone status, Kish Island on the northeast of the Persian Gulf, hosts a large number of tourists from homeland and other countries each year.

Iran is rated among the most tourist countries in the world and in the recent years. It has witnessed a noteworthy rise in demand among tourists.

Iran’s tourism industry is booming, with more foreign travelers visiting the country than ever before.

Iran is expected to attract some 20 million foreign tourists by 2025 and Kish Island, with its numerous tourist attractions, will largely contribute to the attainment of this goal.

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