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A response to the article published in Spanish news paper El Confidencial about Iran tourism and hotels

A respond to the article published in Spanish news paper El Confidencial : 
By Reza Soltani , Brussles  4 December 2017 
1- You can’t compare a boutique hotel in traditional and historical house with a modern hotel (price or quality should be differently measured). A 3 star traditional boutique hotel is equal of 4 star modern hotel.
2- Iran does not make a big differentiation between high and low season hotel room prices (in Spain is a big difference in room prices in low and high season) . 
3- Hotel star Overrating is not a Iranian phenomenon only and in most countries is subject of discussion (including Spain) .
4- Melina Hotel is already operating in Iran
5-  Iranian government actively promote foreign tourism (Tourism visa openness index and many other measure proves that).
6- you can’t compare hotel prices of the mass tourism destinations like Spanish Alicante or Turkish Antalya with cultural cities like Yazd, or capital city Tehran. They should be compared  with Barcelona and Florence!
Iran is one of the most open and welcoming countries in the world. All the data and polls confirm this.
According to UNWTO Iran is one of the most open countries in the world.  Even with all existing conflict between Iran and US, Americans still can easily obtain visa, and there is an increase of American tourist visiting Iran.
Tourism visa openness index shows that Iran is much more open than Europe, USA, Russian and China.
Iranian government actively promote foreign tourism and understand economic value of it.
There is no doubt that Iran need much more tourism infrastructure (specially 4 and star hotels), and they are doing everything possible to attract more foreign investment, but with new US president policies is not always easy.
Some international hotel chains have already entered Iranian hospitality market, like Accord Hotel or Spanish Hotel chain Melina.
To solve the shortage of the International hotels problem, Iran has created many small boutique hotels in several cities.
Yazd is a good example of it, where hundreds of boutique hotels have been created in just 2 years time.
Yazd a UNESCO world heritage site with multifold tourist arrival in recent years.
The boutique hotels of Yazd are a showcase of Iranian hospitality and openness. All this boutique hotels are created in historical and traditional houses. It gives you the chance to experience the Persian history and culture.
Is not like staying in hotel but in a family, where you will meet new people and make new friends local or other tourist.
Of course there are modern hotels in Yazd too, which offer more luxury and comfort. 
Arg Hotel Yazd
Yazd tourism still have many challenges ahead, but with the new Mayor Dr. Mehdi Jamalinejad who support and understand the importance of foreign tourism in his city, and private and governmental sector working together things are improving fast, and Yazd is becoming not just a simple touristic city but a sustainable, eco-tourism and cultural destination.

 Yazd Mayor Dr. Mehdi Jamalinejad


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